Carrick Communications Services offers DSL Standards support, consultancy, Translations from German to English (uebersetzer �bersetzer ), Project Documentation Support, cheap cost effective web site design. The web site also contains free links to dictionary, dictionaries, weather, jobs and maps. Angus Carrick M.A. M.Sc. has 20 years experience in telecommunications. Also the bern-english bern english berne english website with a calendar of english speaking events in Bern berne Switzerland for english speakers. Nothing about Bernese mountain dogs
A N G U S   C A R R I C K  
  - T E M P O R A R Y   H O M E   P A G E S
- C C S   has been discontinued as I have a full tme job!




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Carrick Communications Service
(I now have a full-time job - CCS has been discontinued!)
Carrick standards project support translation uebersetz �bersetz
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